-- Broad-Breasted White Turkeys -- $4.44/lb

No GMO Feed. No Soy Feed. No antibiotics. Free-range to scratch and forage.


Hen Turkey - $40 Deposit (balance due on pickup)

Tom Turkey - $50 Deposit (balance due on pickup)


Pre-Order by November 11th

Pickup at Delta Farm (8315 Horseshoe Bar Rd., Loomis, CA 95650)

Free-Range Turkey ($40 or $50 deposit)

  • -- BRANIGAN TURKEY FARM - Woodland, CA - Family-owned since 1942 --

    Broad-breasted, free-range, all naturally raised turkeys! 

    Branigan's Turkeys are different from regular store-bought turkeys because they are raised longer. Most turkeys are processed at 16-weeks. Although they are considered mature turkeys at this age, Branigan's feel they must be raised longer to acquire a proper meat finish. It's expensive to feed turkeys after 16 weeks because their weight gain per pound of feed decreases, but Branigan’s feels it's the only way to produce a quality bird.

    Therefore, they raise their turkeys 25 to 27 weeks to acquire a proper finish. By raising the turkeys longer, they develop a thin film of fat under the skin that makes them self-basting, so you don't have to add any type of oil or butter. You just let the turkey cook in its own natural juices.

    Branigan's turkeys are raised and processed for quality flavor and value (more meat per bone). Every bird has all fine pin feathers removed and kidneys removed (excess weight). The giblets and neck are properly packaged and stored in the turkey cavity, and our turkeys are chilled with ice before final packaging. Bringing the body temperature down with ice before packaging is expensive, but keeps the water content of the turkey very low and adds to the quality of the meat. All turkeys are vacuum packed in a clear bag. Why a clear bag? Because Branigan's Turkey Farm is proud of its turkeys and feels you, the consumer, like to see the quality you pay for.