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-- We now have duck eggs on the farm! --

$10.00 per dozen. While supplies last!


Duck eggs are a phenomenal treat, a ramped-up version of a chicken egg that has a much bigger and richer yolk, a higher concentration of nutrients and more protein than the standard hen’s egg.


Our birds are 100% free-range, foraging, scratching, pecking and eating from a seasonal buffet (including bugs, grubs & worms!), as well as having complete access to poultry feed from KANIKSU which is completely organic with no soy, and is non-GMO! Our Poultry and eggs offer high density, nutritional values, with a wholesome flavor. We attribute this to our feeding, and field maintenance protocol. We are proud to be producing healthy, wholesome, humanely treated poultry.

Dozen Duck Eggs

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Special Order Product
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