Community supported agriculture/Farm Share, is a direct-to-consumer model of agriculture where the consumer purchases a farm animal at some point in the season prior to harvesting – usually at the beginning of the season.  


  • Support your local food system. This model helps with the cost of production such as feed, fencing, and equipment before sale revenue is realized.

  • Save money. You can save money if you factor in how much the same products would cost at farmer’s markets

  • Keep money within the community. Support your farmer, boost the local economy. Strengthen local food system for disaster preparedness.

  • See where your food comes from. Get to know your farmer.  Many farmers allow onsite visits and often host harvesting events, and farm to table dinners.

  • Expose yourself to different cuts of meat and new recipes.




Half Hog Farm Share 


Deposit - 


Goal - To realize a 275-290 live weight – whole hog. 


Butcher Weight Goal – 175-185 hanging weight – whole hog.


Price –$ per lb to be determined  60 days prior to harvesting and shall be calculated on one half of the Hanging Weight 

             Price Includes butchering, cut, wrap and curing of bacon, hams and hocks (optional) cut entirely to your specifications.  Variables to final price per pound include initial cost, feed costs, butchering and delivery.


Payment – Deposit due on acceptance of this agreement.

                    Pay on line.  Prepayments towards the final price are accepted. 


Quality Standards – Delta Farm LLC has been safely and humaely producing quality pork for sale as farm shares for over ten years. Delta Farm LLC assures Buyer that animal is contained in a safe area, 

has access to clean food and water and appears to be well fed.  At any time, Buyer may raise concern for the 

Animal’s health and welfare in writing to Delta Farm LLC who shall have ten days to make corrections acceptable to Buyer.  

If Buyer is not satisfied, then his deposit shall be refunded, and the transaction voided. 


If quality concerns arise after butchering and delivery of cut and wrapped meat. Then buyer shall voice their complaint to Delta Farm LLC in writing within 10 days of delivery. 

Delta Farm LLC shall not be responsible for errors on cutting and wrapping if customer provides their own instructions directly to the handling butcher. 

If quality of meat is in question than Delta Farm, LLC shall be notified, and Buyer shall retain meat as delivered -hard frozen until both parties reach an agreement about resolution. 


Deposits shall be accepted until all available hogs have been sold. 


Order Changes Buyer may increase from half to a whole hog with the payment of the deposit difference. Changes from whole to half will be allowed however deposit will be held 

until a replacement buyer is located.  If no replacement buyer is found, the unsold half  becomes the property of Delta Farm LLC and  the deposit in question  shall be forfeited. 


Cancelled Orders shall forfeit all deposits paid.


2019 Summer Harvest Delta Farm, LLC expects harvesting to occur by mid to late August with cut and wrapped meat delivery to be within 2 -4 weeks after harvest.  Delays on delivery are due 

to smoking/curing schedules of the cut and wrap butcher. Delta Farm, LLC is not liable for any damages due to processing delays. 


Delta Farm, LLC has been raising hogs in this manner for over 12 years and has numerous repeat customers.  We encourage you to be a member of the Farm Share Family at Delta Farm, LLC.


The undersigned Buyer understands they are reserving a “live” animal that is being raised for consumption. Entering into this agreement as this stage grants Buyer the option to come to the farm and evaluate the growth progress of the animals, be present at the harvest (not required) and select how Buyer’s meat is to be cut and processed. No other representations or warranties beyond what is contained in this agreement are made by Delta Farm, LLC


Delta Farm LLC