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Loomis Local Bee Watering

Home Bee Watering Station Ideas


1) Using a small dog watering station, take a small to medium rock and fill the drinking reservoir leaving some rocks to be above the water line. This allows the bees to land on the rocks and walk to the water to drink. Fill the tank with water and set on a level spot in the garden that gets shade to keep the water and rocks from overheating. Freshen daily with clean water.


2) Find a base dish from a ceramic planter, preferably with a glazed finish (thrift stores are an excellent source).  Fill with various size rocks and water, locate in a shady level spot. 


3) Take a relatively shallow bowl that is glazed and put enough rocks to create landing spots of varying height.  Fill with water, place in a shady, level spot and wait for the thirsty bees to find it.



Pollinator Plant List Zone 9 (Partial)

Dwarf Bottlebrush, California Lilac, various ice plants, lantana, coneflower, lavender, red and purple salvia, Borage, Bee Balm and many others.

Visit your local nursery and support the local bees!

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