Eat clean. Live well.

-   ABOUT US  -


At Delta Farm, LLC we are committed to offering only the best sustainably-raised animals and products. We are stewards of the land and work hard to offer our products that have had a limited negative impact on the landscape of the farm.  

Our key placement of nesting boxes encourages the local population of bats, owls and hawks to control the pest population naturally, all but eliminating the need for synthetic pesticides. 

Our composting program carefully recycles our animal wastes into rich humus that goes back out into the pastures and growing fields, enriching the land naturally.


-  Our Team  -

Haley Hull | Farmhand

Farm-girl right from the start and raised in Oklahoma, Haley came to Loomis, CA seeking her roots. With her experience, friendliness, and an outstanding work ethic, she is an amazing contribution to the Delta Farm, LLC team. She enjoys spending time on the farm as a supportive figure. 

Nina Clark | Owner


With an educational background in business and banking and over 25 years of experience training, riding and caring for horses, Nina is the mastermind and day-to-day Business Manager of Delta Farm, LLC. She has been recognized by equestrian organizations at the local, regional, and national levels as a member of the California Farm Bureau, the Placer Farm Bureau, Placer Grown, the US Equestrian Federation, the US Dressage Federation, the California Dressage Society, and Sacramento Slow Food, which further connects her beliefs to reality. 

Delta Farm, LLC uses a team approach to manage its operations. 

We consider ourselves stewards of the land and work hard to offer products that have limited negative impacts to the landscape of the farm. Our composting program carefully recycles our animal wastes, enriching the land naturally. 

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